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Today, May 27th 2019, after so many years, I am removing my contact info.

One purpose of me giving contact info was that readers would inform me about possible mistakes, giving me constructive criticism, inform me about missing links etc.
Practically no one helped me with that.

The main purpose was to give support to someone, who is not willing to read through tonnes of material to get his doubts answered - but basically no one desired such a support from me.

Another purpose was, that if someone's heart would be changed, that that person would desire to collaborate with me or to support me, even though I never asked for that.
Such a desire didn't came basically into anyone's heart.

Another reason for removing my contact info is, that I cannot distinguish anylonger between human and AI. We all knew, this will happen and it did. Since I don't want to dedicate time to machines and software, nor do I want to pray for them - I want to pray for living humans, I want to dedicate my time for them - for that reason too, I am removing my contact info.

If you are a human, let the Lord, as He did reveal Himself to us through the Holy Bible (especially the King James Bible in the last couple of hundreds years), let the Lord bless you. I hope, that you will find enough info, to get the real faith in the real God, who is praised for ever :)

Some info, you could find also on my YouTube channel:

All the best,